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If you haven’t left your bedroom/office for the past days, you may only now be noticing a roommate or two have become trading experts.

Next, your Instagram ads have moved slightly toward the financial scale, day trading has become as interesting as bitcoin earlier in the year, and you find yourself watching Bloomberg more often than Netflix.

Some people have indeed taken advantage of extra quarantine time to improve their financial knowledge. There are countless stories of people who have studied financial concepts and used their savings to become skillful traders.

But that doesn’t mean it’s gotten easier to do…

If you run back time to 2019, a Friday afternoon at NYC’s Times Square during July had every reason to be avoided: Tourists gathering, traffic at its worst, and the hottest subway rush hour of the year.

Yet, here is what Time Square looks like during the first months of 2021, almost a year after the first COVID-19 cases changed the city of New York and the world:

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As a major commercial, retail, and entertainment center, Times Square used to employ almost 200,000 people in its many packed flagship stores and corner offices.

But not anymore. The COVID-19 pandemic has…

A basketball player on the court prepares to take a picture.
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The coronavirus pandemic hit sports fans hard.

NBA executives made fans’ beers warm up as they held on tight, waiting to understand what was happening. On March 13th, when a Utah Jazz player tested positive, the league canceled all games until further notice, leaving us without basketball for a long time.

The same way they left, they came back — surprisingly. After a reasonable break, the league reinstated their 2019-20 season in an applauded manner throughout the world, the now famous ‘NBA bubble’ in Orlando, Florida.

While the bubble gave Lakers fans a reason to smile in 2020, the biggest…

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I started podcasting a little over 30 days ago.

The Betterment started based on a wish to share some innovative ideas with my (very few) listeners. And some of them latched onto the idea. I love people and learning from others, so the format was clear to me–a sort of casual interviewing. Not everything went smoothly, but here are some of the things I think worked quite well and that you should do during your first month:

1. Differentiate the topics within your niche

By default, you need to pick a podcast category. But beyond that, you need to research where you will gain higher ground.


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I see education as the purest relationship there is. Most professors and educators love their work and hardly fall into the profession because they need to teach. That passion has always made me look up to my professors with the highest respect while growing up. They knew what I didn’t know and were willing to share.

Today, thousands of people try to share their own knowledge online if you pay them $5 or more. But it’s tough to compare online gurus to people who have amassed hours in a classroom.

Kristen Fuller has been an educator and professor for over…

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I recently interviewed for a sales position in my home country. After four years of working in client-facing positions, I thought I had a good chance. But in the end, I didn’t get the position.

Noticing the interviewer’s experience with the matter, I wondered how one becomes successful like him.

So I asked if I could interview him back. Here are some of his ‘secrets’:

Don’t Measure ROI in Revenue

ROI for salespeople is different today. The growth of technology messed it up.

Before, you had to find a lead through numerous phone calls and endless meetings. …

And how to take advantage of the platforms’ true value

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There’s an unnatural beauty to social media. We all love to follow other people’s lives, even if some of them are too good to be true. We seek true human connections, and today, this is how we can find them easily.

Once we find someone that we like, they automatically get us hooked. They get more followers, create an audience, and, therefore, a community of people who would like to see more content like what was posted before.

I find it funny how these people start videos with ‘what’s up…

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Throughout my entire life, I’ve always tried to do my best. From an early age, I grew into playing sports and tennis specifically, so I was a naturally competitive kid.

I used to practice it four, six, sometimes eight hours a day at some point. It was gruesome. But it was also when I was the happiest. I didn’t win so much (I lost a lot more), but I truly enjoyed my time doing it.

As I grew older and started to leave tennis behind, I began to look into productivity hacks to find time to work with the many…

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Think about the best conversations you’ve ever had with someone. How did you get there? Unless you are a natural conversationalist, chances are someone else started it.

Today’s influencers and experts have something in common. They are focused on showing you how to get better at a subject, run a mile faster, or even eat healthier. But we often disregard one of the most critical skills in the world.

And that is communication.

It’s how you do it, not why. Your content can be unique, but if you don’t display it well, people can’t follow it. Conversations are supposed to…

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Today, there is a streaming service for everything: Cook shows, 8-minute mobile TV shows, sports. And of course, there’s Netflix.

The Los Gatos-based media company has made the idea of subscribing to services so familiar to users that a new idea also comes out every month attempting to be ‘the new Netflix’ of something or the other.

And some of those have come very close to becoming fan favorites. In fact, many over-the-top (OTT) services have given us great value, with the most prominent example being Spotify. But one industry that is still missing their Netflix stepsibling is gaming.


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